Want to be one of #BOBBYSBOYS

Hello, my name is Robert, and I am a current graduate student at Yale studying photography. I am a disabled artist creating a body of work that explores the intersections between my disability, sexuality, intimacy, and sex. Often the general public doesn’t correlate disability with being sexual. Disabled people are viewed as asexual, and not craving intimacy and sex. More specifically, in the Gay community. Men with physical disabilities continuously have to prove they function sexually.

I am looking for guys (anyone who identifies as male,) ABLE-BODIED or DISABLED,  willing to be photographed during our intimate encounter, whether that be cuddling naked or something more sexual depending on the your comfort level. The project is collaborative, and I want to know your sexual desires to create an image tailored to our encounter.

The photos will be used for my portfolio/website and gallery showings.


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